Fast and secure

Fast hot storage

There are two storage performance levels available: comparable to SSD drives capable of 10k IOPS and to mechanical drives capable of 1k IOPS.

Warm storage for capacity

When you need to handle large amount of data and performance is not so much important, you can use warm storage i.e. as data archive.

Data redundancy

All data stored on hot storage are kept in at leaset two copies, on serparate drives and servers, to minimize data-loss risk.

Professional data center

All our infrastructure is located in EU in proffesional Tier 3+ data centers, secured by several physical security layers and monitored 24/7.
Hot storage SSD 10k IOPS+
Hot storage HDD 1k IOPS+
Warm storage 100 IOPS

Best price to quality ratio

SSD €---  TB  €---
HDD €---  TB  €---
Warm €---  TB  €---
€--- /month/hour