Secure network:
firewall and UTM

WatchGuard FireboxV

Highest security

UTM WatchGuard solutions for years are being recognized by Gartner reports as Visionary. Thanks to modularity it was possible for WatchGuard to choose best in class components, like Bitdefender antivirus or IPS TrendMicro solutions.

Virtual or hardware

Make use of virtual appliance of WatchGuard FireboxV in our cloud, or use hardware one in your infrastructure. Same interface, same CLI independently of the platform.

Versatile solution

In one appliance we get integrated firewall, IPS/IDS, multilevel antivirus, antimalware and antispam protection and even basic WAF. It's one of most functional solutions on the market.

Flexible licensing

You can change package licensing for WatchGuard appliances, both virtual and hardware, anytime you want and select additional features depending on your needs.

Wide range of functionalities

Standard Support

Basic Security Suite

Total Security Suite

Throughput up to 10 Gbps
VPN sessions up do 10 000
Users up do no limit

Best price to quality ratio

SMALL - up to 2 Gbps, 50x VPN C2S, 50x VPN S2S, 500 users

MEDIUM - up to 4 Gbps, 600x VPN C2S, 600x VPN S2S, 3000 users

LARGE - up to 8 Gbps, 50x VPN C2S, 50x VPN S2S, 6000 users

€--- /month/hour