and price-aware cloud

High performance

In our cloud we make use of newest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to ensure that we provide best performance parameters for virtual machines.

Stable solution

By using redundant components and using VM live-migration helps us to provide running service separated from hardware failures or maintenance works.


Provided REST API enables to manage cloud environment using tools like i.e. Terraform or using SDKs for Go, Python, or JavaScript.

Professional data center

All our infrastructure is located in EU in proffesional Tier 3+ data centers, secured by several physical security layers and monitored 24/7.
CPU minimum 2.0 GHz
VM CPU up to 16 vCore
VM RAM up to 128 GB

Best price to quality ratio

vCore €---  core  €---
RAM €---  GB €---
SSD €---  GB  €---
HDD €---  GB  €---
€--- /month/hour

Why cloud?

Most flexible

You can use your service only when you need and pay only for resources you really use with hourly-billed pay-per-use model. We do not need any contracts, either. But if you are open to have one, we can make our prices even lower.

Avaliable in seconds

No waiting for delivieries or hardware deployment. Services can be activated immediately. That's valid also when you need to extend your environment.

Lowest TCO

Hovever cheap your own server may seem, if you include all costs during calculation, cloud beats everything in total cost of ownership (TCO). Just moving your server from office to proffesional data center lowers energy costs for about 30%.